Italian Referendum 2016 – wrapping up

At some point I will do a paper summarizing advantages and shortcoming of the method I first applied with success for the Greek Referendum in 2016. What have we learned from applying it in the Read More …

Italian Referendum 2016 – NO loses traction: a deadlock

There appears to be some lexical pollution in the identification of the searches mainly coming from the fact that “si” means both “yes” and “oneself”. This is the reason I looked at perche votare no Read More …

Italian Referendum 2016 – Surprising turn around

Google searches for “votare no” have now lost their lead dropping to well below 50%! Searches for perche votare no still have a slight lead on perche votare si but it ought to be within Read More …

Italian Referendum 2016 at “t minus 1” – 53% NO

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Italian Referendum day “t minus 3”: NO at 55%

As the salience of the referendum is over that of Serie A (workday) but far from competing with porn.