Toll Index November 2017 – Merry Times

The Toll Index (calendar adjusted) for November indicates German industrial output remained strong in the month of November as we descent in the seasonally expected December deep. Look out for good industrial production and export Read More …

Graph of the Day: the growth of “Duales Studium” in Germany

The graph shows monthly Google Search Instensity for “Duales Studium” as a share of the total “Studium” searches. It appears as though the growth has plateaued around 20%.

Trade Imbalance through the eyes of Google ngrams

Using Google ngrams one can examine over 200 years worth of text in several languages. It might be of interest to some, especially in the context of the German trade surplus, to compare the prevalence Read More …

French Elections 2017 on Google Trends by the hour

Just three days ahead of the first round French Elections here is how Google Search has it:

Pegida in Germany with #BigData

Google Searches for PEGIDA in Germany in 2015 and in February 2016. Yes Saxony does have a right extremism problem.