Today Renzi was on top of searches in Italy

For the first time since we started following developments about the italian referendum last week, today Renzi has been on top of hot topics in Italy according to Gooogle. This was not the case in previous days, where the prime minister was never among the top ten trending stories  of the day.

As of this writing these are the major interests in Italy:hot-topics









This morning, his trip to Palermo (Sicily) was number one interest of the italian public due to stiudent demonstrations and some incidents with the police.

All this make this exercise particularly interesting at the regional level, as we should expect this renewed interest in the premier trips might have some consequences on perceived (by us through Googl trends) voting intentions.

Now the regional results:geo-dec-2nd







In the chart, similar to the one I posted yesterday, updated with Google data up to 6 pm, we see there are no big variations with respect to what we got yesterday. Except for Molise, a really small region where the variability of the results is the highest,  the results are quite similar. In Liguria and Trentino the NO vote has incresed a bit in the last 24 hours (let´s take all this again with a bucket of salt!) from 52% to 53% (it was 50% last Friday). There is also a small increase of the NO vote in Umbria,

In Sicily, Renzi´s visit doesn´t show up in voting intentions which remain, as yesterday, at 53% of NO.

Regions with show a more positive developments for the premier are  Abruzzo (56% of NO vote comapred to 58% yesterday), Apulia ( 52% of no voters today) and Tuscany (voting NO has declined by 1 pp. to 53%).

When looking at the overall trend in the country this is what we get:dec-2nd






The No vote is stable at 54%.

On Monday we´ll conclude by claiming victory or defeat

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