Toll Index January 2016 – plugging away

World wide stock market turbulence, oncoming repeat crisis chatter, fears that China growth data have always been massaged, intensifying BRexit murmurs, reincarnation of GRexit hysteria, the newly arrived Greek SCHexit, refuge crisis, barbed wire fences everywhere, Europe’s inability to act cohesively on any matter whatsoever, Russian mention of a new cold war, the Ifo Index, falling oil prices a whole chain of bad and badly reported developments. And yet at  the end of the day it is the data that counts.  Fresh Toll Index data show that heavy transportation across Germany has been impressive in January 2016. Assuming heavy trucks don’t drive empty I propose that the year 2016 did not start badly at all for the German business cycle.

toll-index-jan-2016A link to our underlying paper in the Journal of Forecasting, and the data at the IDSC of IZA.

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