Big Data turns the World into a Petri Dish

The Karneval peaked once again this year this past Monday with the Cologne carnival parade adding to the one-up-manship of Cologne vs Dusseldorf one point on the score board of local rivalry for Cologne. The reason being that while the city of Dusseldorf cancelled the parade due to severe storm warnings the bragging rights go to Cologne for sticking to its original plans and simply cancelling the storm. Thursday February 4th was the partying start of the carneval’s excesses, the so called Weiberfastnacht.

The “pill after” (in German “die pille danach”) can be obtained over the counter since about mid 2015. Google Trends for “pille danach” in the last 7 days since this writing look as follows:

7-days-pille-danachNotice the Sunday 7th (peak of night life excess in carneval). Notice also the Friday to Saturday effect. Plotting the trends for the last 90 days gives us the New Years Eve effect.

pille-danach-90-daysWith real time socioeconomic data the world feels like a petri dish.