Spanish Elections 2015 – countdown December 17 – 2

main parties. December 16th

This chart shows the relative interest in the main parties competing in the Spanish  Elections next Sunday. Each line represents hits in Google including the name of the party excluding all others. In the next chart we have done a similar excercise by aggregating right and left parties. Note that in all cases some caveats are warranted: Many of the top searches for ciudadanos are unrelated to vote intentions (e.g. searches for a former council woman expelled from Ciudadanos having posed semi-naked in a popular magazine), we are ignoring searches related to all other parties, in particular of Izquierda Unida (IU) too small in search volume (and also in the real world).

right&left Dec 16right&leftsharesdec16

Note that all charts include searches done in the last month (from November 17th to December 13th) as Google doesn´t allow to do this exercise for a horter time span.

In the following charts the regional interest for the different parties is shown.  For the two traditional parties (PP and PSOE) searches are located in the regions were these parties have been deeply rooted since the beginning of democracy in the seventies.


pp regio psoe regio2 podemos regio ciudadanos regio