The Greek pollsters will not perform and the TV stations will not broadcast exit polls tonight. Too close to call and too tense is the situation. I have posted a live Google Trends monitor here. It seems to suggest that the NOs are winning. Caveat is of course that of selection. Most of the Internet activity is from Athens (not a surprise with half the Greeks in and around Athens) and the poor and the old do not surf. Nonetheless take it with a proverbial grain of salt but it is all there is right now. I just pulled the data from Google Trends for the hour by hour search for “yes without no” and “no without yes” for the last 7 days. After now this data will not be available anymore. I computed the ratio of no to yes. This has the cute effect that we eliminate the denominator and hence we do not have relative but absolute numbers. This means what you see is the ratio of the absolute number of searches for no to the absolute number of searches for yes.  Included a 24 hours moving average so the trends is easier to see. See how the attack of YES on NO peaked at 20:00 hrs on July 1st. The NOs have been pulling away ever since.

Ratio of NOs to YESs

Here is the data on which this graph is based and her is the code.