GREFERENDUM hour by hour

We are approaching the GREFERENDUM: GR DAY. In Greece banks are shut but the weekend is full of concerts for and against YES or NO. For the Greeks among you please read the official document on which you are asked to vote yes or no, listen to serious news reporting and analysis and close your eyes to propaganda, fanaticism and ideology. Keep in mind: whoever does not cast the same vote as you has the right to do so.

So what can we learn from Google trends about what is going on? Lets take a look at two graphs. The first graph plots searches which include YES and those including NO. These are searches which include mostly both words. These searches aim at information. They peak after midnight and keep increasing as we come closer to GR DAY.

The second graph is more interesting and disentangles the yes from the no. It plots search which contain yes without no and searches which contain no without containing yes. These could be used to support one or the other argument. Enjoy.

The top yes or no searches look like this. You can easily that they are mostly pro-yes or pro-no:

list-no-yes list-yes-no

These graphs are live so keep checking back. For the civilized among you remember that the best part of a good Greek drama is EXODOS which is not the same as GREXIT.


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