Toll Index May 2015 – high five month

The Toll Index (based on BAG reports) freshly out by the IDSC of IZA reveals an all time high in outbound heavy track activity, or a per working day basis, for the month of May and for any month for that matter. It does so following an all time high month of April and additionally posts an all time month-on-month acceleration for the month. Despite the resulting uncertainty from posturing and political poker at several fronts (Russia, Ukraine, Greece) and the never ending #GREXIT saga (which seem to have take a toll on the nerves of the participants of the ZEW survey but not on those of Ifo) outbound heavy transport is as intense as it has never been since the installation of the MAUT. We expect the BMWi estimates for the Industrial production of  May, which ought to be made known by mid July, to follow suit.

Toll Index May 2015

Data available at the IDSC of IZA and a link to our underlying paper in the Journal of Forecasting.

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