Toll Index November 2014 – economic joy ride

You can claim that the IFO index rose because of all the mulled wine consumed by the German managers in the wonderful Christmas markets across the country and you can definitely make the same argument about the ZEW index but when it comes to the Toll Index (just out by the IDSC of IZA) you are talking about sober, mud-between-the-toe truck drivers being busy bringing goods where demand asks for them. If you’ve being following my posts this past year you are not surprised that this November is a strong exception to any November we have had since 2007.  Not all is happy and jolly but the German economy is on a joy ride for now.

Toll Index (outbound traffic) on November 2014

More on the Toll Index at the website of the IDSC of IZA. Our Journal of Forecasting paper on the Toll Index.

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