Toll Index – August 2013

Accounting for working days (22 in August as opposed to 23 in July and 23 in August 2012), heavy trucks on German highways had less to do this August than in July, an expected seasonal phenomenon. Compared to August of 2012 though this was a better August and compared to the month of August since 2007 this was the best August. Looking at the number of outbound, border crossing heavy trucks for example we have a drop of 4.7% compared to July of 2013 and a +2.98% compared to August 2012. With June, July and August of this year being as good or better than the corresponding months since 2007 it is safe to say that the German economy is in a positive trend.

So while Philipp Rösler will be soul searching, struggling to come to terms with the electorate handing him and his party some of his party’s own medicine (Leistung muss belohnt werden) in 3-4 weeks time, his Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology will most likely be boasting some good economic news.