German politics – Foreigners are torturing our pigeons

A while back I was stopped by a confused, senile old lady who was feeding the pigeons in a Cologne pedestrian area. She was watching one of the pigeons in agony. The poor bird had its two feet tangled up in a piece of red wool; in all likelihood an act of randomness. The old lady showed me the bird and told me in tears: “die Ausländer quälen unser tauben“. She was convinced that foreigners were torturing German pigeons! I tried to free the poor bird and I did not challenge her world view – it would have been futile if not a conspiracy coming from a foreigner i.e. a suspect!

When Mr Sinn sinks into his Teutonic, nationalistic rants (“Wir sitzen in der falle“,  “Club med” and such sinn-ilities) I tend to dismiss him as another instance of this old lady, except he is too intelligent to be confused. Most of the time he reminds me of Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now: the war is over but Mr Sinn’s rhetoric suggests he did not get the memo on that yet. When he then calls for the United States of Europe I think he is just a “prima donna” for whom only exposure counts.  One thing he is not: serious.

The embarrassing and unbearably lightheaded Mr Rösler, in a demonstration of ignorance and immaturity, having driven his own party to shambles has now placed the Eurozone as a whole on his to-do list and the Bavarian duo of Mr Seehofer and Mr Söder compete for a place next to Beavis and Butthead: having decided to put an end to German Federalism by doubting transfers to poorer German states they also decided to kill off 10 million souls on the Greek peninsula to “make an example for the rest”.

In the midst of this circus Mrs Merkel and Mr Schäuble are hostage of their own rhetoric gone wrong: having falsely decided that the debt crisis of the European periphery is not the result but the cause of the current economic crisis they polarized the German electorate into a hate rage against the “lazy southerners”.

In the midst of a terrible economic crisis the only voice in Europe who dares point the finger on this German circus of irresponsibility is head of Euro group Jean Paul Juncker who then becomes the target of the circus striking back.

While in Spain, Italy and Greece a spreading mad austerity craze is deepening the current debt crisis threatening to leave the radical part of the political spectrum as the only friend of their suffering electorate the voices of Vernunft in the German political scene seem to be non existent (the occasional brief appearances of Mr Westerwelle are simply too little too late). In line with Joscka Fischer I remind us all what happened the last time the German society stood by while irresponsible German politicians were convinced to have found who is guilty of their problems and should hence be sacrificed…