after EDDI is before EDDI

EDDI 11 is behind us. It took place in Gothenburg in Sweden hosted by SND – The Swedish National Data Service. Organization was very good, I personally learned a lot from Bo Sundgren’s keynote speech and learned a bunch sitting in the Qualitative  data meeting for three days after EDDI11 came to an end. EDDI is now the attraction point for several working groups and data worker communities. Besides the qualitative group we had a software developers meeting and a Data Without Boundaries WP7 meeting. The DDI alliance sponsored two DDI courses this time to open EDDI.

The SND "villa". A great place in which some very kind people do data work.

After an EDDI is before an EDDI of course and EDDI 12 will be hosted by NSD – the Norwegian Social Science Data Services in Bergen Sweden on December 3-4 2012. So EDDI followers pack your bags.

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