Ozil’s fellow countrymen…

I watched the end of the soccer game between Germany and Belgium a couple of days ago. Commentators were Oliver Kahn and that woman: Katrin Müller-Hohenstein. Ozil, the best German player on the German national team whose parents are Turks, delivered once again a great game. Turkey competes in the same group. Germany’s beating Belgium kept Turkeys hopes of qualifying for the European Championship alive (ending those of Belgium). So that woman delivered the most idiotic statement on the most watched state run TV channel:

“Ozil”, she said “made his fellow country men happy tonight” and she meant the Turks!

This is the same woman who had said that Klose, another player on the German national team, must have had an “Innerer Reichsparteitag” an expression whose origin goes back to the Nazi times.

Twenty percent of the general German population now have a background of migration: Ozil, Aogo, Boateng, Gündoğan, Khedira, Podolski, Cacau, Gomez, Klose. Statements like the one of that woman are inappropriate to say the least in a migration nation like Germany.

What does a man need to do to belong if playing for the nation’s team is not enough?

“Ozil’s fellow countrymen” Frau Mueller-Hohenstein? Look around you and get used to it!