Get the Data from the Petition to Revoke Article 50

For the curious but not tech savvy economist: here is a Stata script which reads the signature count by UK region.

Petition to #Brepeat botched?

A petition to repeat the referendum is currently gaining momentum out there with very interesting geographic distribution. The text of the petition is as follows EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum We the Read More …

#BREXIT, a preliminary assessment of our forecasting exercise

The Brits have voted (at least those that did) for BREXIT by, as of this writing with 343 of 383 counted,  51.8%-48.2% almost the reverse of what both I had last seen as well as Read More …

#Brexit Last Post: calling it for stay by 52%-48%


Brexit referendum: leave between 45% and 48%

If you believe the final stand of Google searches leave might come in above 45% and below 48%.