Get the Data from the Petition to Revoke Article 50

For the curious but not tech savvy economist: here is a Stata script which reads the signature count by UK region.

The Italian Referendum: 53.75% NO

The upcoming “Italian Referendum”, coined Renzirendum in the German space, which is to take place on December 4, calls Italian voters to decide on drastic and for many even inappropriate institutional reforms which would change Read More …

The great (EU referendum) clash

Just 15 days out and we are nowhere near knowing which way the British voters will go. Ignoring the levels though there does appear to be a trend towards Brexit both in the polls and Read More …

Local NPD mandates and Google Search

A correlation of current local NPD mandates with Google searches in 2015 for NPD by land. Data from Der Spiegel.

Spanish Elections 2015 – Podemos pulls away in Google Search

We may post one last update late tonight or early tomorrow morning. This is a joint exercise with Concha Artola, economist at Banco de Espana¬† applying the same technique as in my referendum papers (1, Read More …