The IZA discussion paper series co-authorship network from 1998 to 2017


Call For Papers – IDSC of IZA Workshop: Matching Workers and Jobs Online

  Matching Workers and Jobs Online – New Developments and Opportunities for Social Science and Practice    

Galton’s Crowd forecasts #BTW2017 outcome better than Pollsters

Some time on Saturday September 23 2017 put up an elections prediction market which closed on Sunday September 24 2017 at 14:00 hrs, four hours before the voting stopped. A total of 4,144 people Read More …

Explaining opinion polarisation with opinion copulas

First out as IZA DP10753 my opinion dynamics paper is now out at PLOS ONE.

Explaining Opinion Polarization with Opinion Copulas

Opinions are important in economics just as they are in social sciences in general. Bubbles, manias and information cascades form in opinion spaces about expectations and they evolve in a self-organizing manner. They are the Read More …