Get the Data from the Petition to Revoke Article 50

For the curious but not tech savvy economist: here is a Stata script which reads the signature count by UK region.

Graph of the day: #AfD with surprising uptick in Google search: #btw17 #btw2017

Graph of the Day: #AfD in dystopian specter territory, #Btw17

Macron vs Le Pen in post-debate Google search

The shares of  Macron vs Le Pen Google searches bounce back, in post-debate measurement,  to the pre-debate 60-40% configuration after a short-lived, debate induced merge. These numbers coincide with poll results.

French Elections in Google Search

The Google search interest of the French for their top 5 candidates in the last 7 days has not managed to compete with their aggregate interest for porn but it managed to register next to Read More …