Toll-Index-August-2017: German economy doing better than its politics

The Toll Index based on fresh data just released by the German BAG  shows a seasonally depressed number of outbound heavy truck vehicles which however represents a record month of August since the existence of the MAUT system. I expect that the BMWi will announce comparably good production data in a month’s time.

The good state of the economy however intensifies my puzzlement at the rise of right wing populism in the form of AfD just a couple of days ahead of the German general elections. . Why on earth would anyone fall for such a dangerous anachronism in an economy which continues to outperform expectations and what would things look like if the economy was not performing as well?

The data is available at the Data Repository of the IDSC – Research Data Center of IZA. The paper we first studied the properties of these data is published at the Journal of Forecasting.

The Toll Index has been widely covered in national and international press (selection):