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#FrenchElections 2017 – Google Trends vs polls

The story of a probably two way race between Macron and Melenchon persists in search with Fillon a very close third. The big difference with polls is that Le Pen comes in under 14% and not at 22% as polls … Continue reading

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#FrenchElections 2017 – A two-way fight on Google Search: Macron vs. Melenchon

The salience of the top 5 candidate as depicted by the 24 hour moving average of the hourly searches show a two way fight between Macron and Melenchon. Fillon is at striking distance and Le Pen fourth and not written … Continue reading

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French Elections 2017 on Google Trends by the hour

Just three days ahead of the first round French Elections here is how Google Search has it:

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The “Referandum”

Tomorrow Easter Sunday April 16 2017 is the date of the Turkish Constitutional Referendum. Turkish voters are called to vote for (evet) or against (hayir) 18 amendments to the Turkish constitution. The amendments would give Recep Tayyip Erdoğan unprecedented power … Continue reading

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