#FrenchElections 2017 – A two-way fight on Google Search: Macron vs. Melenchon

The salience of the top 5 candidate as depicted by the 24 hour moving average of the hourly searches show a two way fight between Macron and Melenchon. Fillon is at striking distance and Le Pen fourth and not written off while Hamon does not stand a chance.

It is interesting that Le Pen is fourth. I would be surprised if she does better in the elections. Typically extreme right wingers have had a high footprint in Google search due to interest by all in them. That Le Pen does not lead in Google search is a first in this respect.

Pamela Anderson “endorsed” Melenchon yesterday and Google searched registered the effect: she comes in 11th under Rising Related searches as “pamela anderson melenchon” registered a +3500% rise since it became a detectable variable. Melenchon appears to be getting some boost from Mark Ruffalo, who comes in at number 3 of the top rising related searches. Noam Chomsky comes in at number 8, Danny Glover at number 9, Joann Sfar at number at number 12 and 13 and finally “130 economistes” register at number 6.

The geography of the Macron-Melenchon fight currently looks as follows:


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