The Zika Virus in Google Search

The Zika Virus is in Europe (practical knowledge from the New York Times) and in fact in Germany. You can follow its footprint in Google search in the live map below. Notice that at this posting the relevant search intensity for selected European countries looks like this:

  • Netherlands 13
  • UK 7
  • Spain 7
  • Italy 5
  • Germany 5
  • France 4

The searches are driven by the news of the appearance of infections in the country or wherever the country has interests…

In my opinion the ranking is determined by a combination of current economic strength (more likely to have returning infected leisure or business travelers) and past Latin American colonialism (more likely to have continued travelling between the two or to report on the past colony itself if interests there are still ongoing).

Worlwide search is spiking proxying prevalence most likely.

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