Greek Elections September 2015 – after SYNTAGMA event

I still have strong doubts about whether or not my method identifies voter intend or even political sympathy for that matter. But take it with a grain of salt and listen to the data as the aggregate hustle and bustle of connected voters in the urban chaos and you realize that anything which may sound like a signal in the mess ought to have a reason why it does.

I see that in the raw data the bump of SYRIZA from their SYNTAGMA main event is much larger than that of ND from the OMONOIA event. SYRIZA is back on top.

Golden Dawn is still at the top, puzzling. No one believes that they will be that high in the votes but what causes them to be that high in this urban chatter?

So despite all the issues with our identification strategy how would I have to call it if I had to do so? I would say landslide for SYRIZA and big troubles for the main contenders, the conservatives. ANEL, LAE and the Centrist party probably out of the parliament and I am crossing my fingers that our suboptimal method overestimates the nightmare of Golden Dawn.

This is the final stretch as we are at t-1. I will post several times today and I will be monitoring frequently all day Sunday posting the final result 2 hours before voting stops.


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