Robot sighting – pharmacy

pharmacist-robotI was at a pharmacy the other day to order an item. The pharmacist checked availability, reported to me, I ordered and within seconds the item came out of a small dispensing window behind her and it was in my hands after  I paid. The whole process took under a minute! I asked her if they have a robot and she said they do (she also seemed very happy about it), so I asked her if I could take a look at it and she was kind enough to take me “backstage” where one could see the robot from a window. She allowed me to take a photo. She said that they now have complete control of their inventory. Expiration dates, supply control, even forecasting is possible very easily, not to mentioned locating and dispensing the order. I am sure that the robot also eliminated a position or two but it also created a couple of new engineering positions. It moreover made the pharmacist’s work much more fun and efficient. Robots are among us. They are not necessarily anthropomorphic but they are everywhere.


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