Thou shalt not Dell-ete your ailing competitor

In 1997 Michael Dell of Dell-the-power-to-do-more boasting a winners arrogance suggested that the then ailing Apple close shop and return the money to its shareholders. This was a year into the return of Steve Jobs back to Apple and the start of what lead to Apple’s rebirth. Times have changed the PC is no longer the center of the consumer technology universe and Jobs’ Apple took the right bet while Dell fell asleep on the wheel. I am sure Jobs is smiling somewhere in the proverbial heaven seeing Michael Dell receive the nemesis to his hubris.

It is this type of poetic justice life is capable of that makes wise men be humble in victory and retreat to live to fight another day in defeat. It is why we don’t drag the corpse of the defeated in front of the Walls they used to defend, why we don’t kick someone when they are down. Steve Jobs is not here to be cocky. He is lucky that way…

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