Nobel of Technology

Physics, Chemistry,  Medicine, Literature, Economics and Peace. That’s it. Those are the fields in which there is a Nobel prize to win. As a mathematician by choice, denomination, character and education I am offended there is no Nobel for the beauty of mathematics. On the other hand as a mathematician who learned to enjoy and serve that beauty I say: who cares, Nobel Schmobel.

A Technology Nobel is something which is becoming overdue though. I know technology is mostly just a corollary of physics, chemistry and mathematics but not the technology which becomes an inseparable part of peoples lives. That technology is the main theorem of inspiration. Period. The first Nobel of Technology should go posthumous to no other than Steve Jobs: For the impact in the lives of people in industrial societies. I know that Jobs is just the front man and I know that a lot of talent and brains of many people go into the kind of achievements he’s made but Jobs is the Nobel laureate alone for “being a pirate and not joining the Navy”! Being kicked out of the brand you created, going out and fighting fights on your own, creating NeXT computers, Pixar, and coming back to rescue Apple from extinction this is the stuff of pirates. This is not tactical Navy. Farewell Steve. You have my vote.

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