Data Policy

The main points from our IZA policy brief:

  • Thumbs up to the German Government for a simple and effective technology application which brings toll collecting to our century with the LKW Maut. This was real inspired policy making.
  • In the future it should become standard practice, that empirical scientists are involved in designing data retention policies for any project which may generate data. This should be as standard as data protection and in fact the two aspects should work hand in hand: respect for personal data but data retention for socioeconomic research and evidence based policy making.
  • Secondary data use should become a primary concern.
  • The German Government should extend and expand this technology by exporting it to and sharing it with EU countries and beyond. This would make the MAUT data capable of capturing much more than the German business cycle. In case they do export/share the system they should engage empirical scientists in (re)designing the data retention. This would definitely be a further step in the direction of European integration.
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