Get the Data from the Petition to Revoke Article 50

For the curious but not tech savvy economist: here is a Stata script which reads the signature count by UK region.

A data tax for a digital economy

Where does a company consume publicly-provided goods, and hence where should taxes on it be applied? What is a suitable definition of sales tax when the users of a data-driven internet platform use it without Read More …

IDSC of IZA Workshop: Matching Workers and Jobs Online – New Developments and Opportunities for Social Science and Practice

Emerging Labour Market Data Sources towards Digital Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

PARIS21 (2018), “Emerging Labour Market Data Sources towards digital TVET”, PARIS21 Discussion Paper, No. 13, Paris.

Toll Index June 2018

The Toll Index has been widely covered in national and international press (selection): Focus Magazin, Tim Harford – The undercover economist, Financial Times, MoneyWeek, WirtschaftsWoche, CNN International, DRS3 Swiss public radio, Deutsche Welle.